Failure to Deliver

Failure to Deliver (FTD) data is retrieved from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

What is the T+35 theory? As quoted from SEC: "If a FTD position results from the sale of a security that a person is deemed to own and that such person intends to deliver as soon as all restrictions on delivery have been removed, the firm has up to 35 calendar days following the trade date to close out the failure to deliver position by purchasing securities of like kind and quantity."

In the event of FTD surges (example: FTD Quantity more than 1 million/more than 90th percentile of FTD Amount and at least 100k FTD) for stocks that are heavily shorted such as AMC and GME, on T+35 date, stocks might experience a surge in price action. You can refer to this post on Reddit for more information.

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Red colored rows means higher FTD
Date Failure to Deliver Price Amount (FTD x $) T+35 Date
2021-05-17 45.000 10.49 472 2021-06-21
2021-05-14 94.000 10.85 1019 2021-06-18
2021-05-13 94.000 10.85 1019 2021-06-17
2021-04-07 121.000 11.12 1345 2021-05-12
2021-04-06 356.000 11.04 3930 2021-05-11
2021-03-15 21.000 11.62 244 2021-04-19
2021-02-19 66.000 14.03 925 2021-03-26

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