WSB User Guide

A simple guide on how to make use of the graphs effectively and how do we get our information from.

How to use the graphs effectively?

How we get tickers from WSB?

Every 15 minutes, a script will be run to extract new comments in WSB Discussion Thread / Popular Tickers Thread. Words that fulfil a certain criteria will be extracted and processed to see if it is a ticker or not.

Why are some tickers excluded?

Stopwords such as I, me, we and commonly used words like YOLO, bulls etc are excluded because they are most probably not related to any stock ticker discussion. In the event a ticker falls into the list of excluded words in the future, we will adjust it accordingly as soon as possible.

How we calculate sentiment?

We used a library called NLTK to determine the sentiment of a comment. However, the original library has its limitations. For example, it is not able to analyse stock-related words such as "bulls", "bears", "to the moon" effectively. As such, we have adapted the library by adding these stock-related words so that it is able to find the sentiment of a comment made in WSB accurately. The sentiment score ranges from -1 to 0, where -1 is the most negative, 0 is neutral while 1 is the most positive.

How we get the number of calls & puts mentions?

We will extract comments with "call(s)", "put(s)", "xxxC", "xxxY" (where x is a number) and match it to the tickers mentioned in the comment.

Where is the financial data (market cap, price) from?

All financial data is extracted from Yahoo Finance. Data is updated every 15 minutes.